Leverage the art + science of 'coherence' to build resilience and create flow.

Resilience Training

Evolve your leadership team into an elite group that consistently creates success.  In short time, you will learn how to build resilience, create flow, and access creativity. 

Based upon the Institute of HeartMath's 25 years of research into the physiology of optimal performance, this skill-based training produces significant improvements in stress levels, decision making, and overall well-being.  Resilience Training pulls back the curtain on how to build resilience and create flow by leveraging the art + science of 'physiological coherence'. 

Coherence is a measurable state of inner balance in the body, it is the foundation of the flow state, a building block of resilience, and is now being called the "secret science of brilliant leadership."

Resilience Training measurably improves:


•     Stress Reduction & Resilience by 25%

•     Emotional Awareness & Agility

•     Creativity and Innovation

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