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one-on-one coaching

Looking to significantly develop your resilience or communication skills in a more personal setting?  Mindful Communications’ one-on-one coaching sessions will be perfect for you.

Resilience One on One Coaching

One-on-one Resilience Training is perfect for those who prefer to learn self-awareness and self-regulation in a private setting and would like personalized support developing and embedding practices in their life.  Sessions can be in person, by phone or through video conferencing. 

The objectives of this training are designed to help you improve:


  • Stress Resiliency

  • Emotional Agility

  • Focus and Awareness


Mindful communications mindful icon: emotional intelligence workplace training
Mindful communications , communications icon: business communications training

Communication One on One Coaching

Do you want to hit a grand slam on your next big presentation?  Or perhaps your next pitch is for a big project or a critical round of funding.  Whatever the situation may be, there are times in our lives when the communication stakes are at their highest and you need pro with intent in your corner.   In person sessions only. 

The objectives of this program are designed to help you learn:


•     Delivery Skills

•     Self-confidence

•     Empathetic Listening Skills

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