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 “We have a passion for teaching transformational skills and practices that help improve and shape lives and business.” 

- Jeff & Laura

Becoming mindful communicators has become a necessity for us throughout our journey as husband and wife, parents of three inspiring kids, professional trainers and busy entrepreneurs. Life pulls us in many directions and we rely on our ability to “be present” and “connect” every day.


Our mission at Mindful Communications is to make positive contributions to the world and to help people become the best version of themselves. Creating safe training environments that foster breakthrough learning moments for every client is our promise.  


We believe everyone is capable of positive behavioral change.  We feel when people become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses, target specific skills for improvement, and practice proven strategies – the whole world benefits.


Mindful Communications is committed to helping people build self-confidence, discover inner balance, communicate more effectively and improve personal effectiveness.


We are grateful Mindful Communications allows us to combine our professional backgrounds and personal passions to teach others how to be present, connect and reach their next level of performance. 


- Laura & Jeff

Meet Laura Armstrong:

After graduating from Iowa State University and while working for a non-profit organization, it became clear to me that teaching was my true calling; I have been providing corporate training and consulting services for over 25 years.  

My passion is to help individuals embrace their natural strengths and overcome obstacles that limit their ability to communicate effectively at work (and in life).

We wholeheartedly believe that people learn best in positive, collaborative, and psychologically safe spaces, so that is the container we create for every client.  While our approach is supportive, we promise to productively challenge participants, teach practical skill-building methods that can be applied immediately, and build personal confidence.

It has been an honor to train Fortune 500 teams and executives in a variety of communication, alignment, diversity, and leadership initiatives.  Clients list includes: ABN AMRO, Turner Construction, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Sears, Kraft, and J. Walter Thompson.  Training and coaching thousands has taught me how to strategically assess what works - and what doesn't work for individuals.

How can I help you reach your next level of performance?

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Meet Jeff Armstrong:

After growing up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I became a proud alumnus of Michigan State University.  At 25 years old, I started my first business and ran it successfully for 23 years before selling it.


The business was great until it wasn't.


The years before selling my company, I was chronically stressed and burned-out.  My light bulb moment came when the need to "get out from underneath" how I was feeling surfaced and so my quest for tools began...I discovered that resilience is like a muscle and you can learn to build its' capacity with a bit of intention, focus, and practicing a few daily habits.


Teaching others how to leverage HeartMath training and technology to help build resilience and shift into a state of flow is a passion.  The HeartMath process is practical and effective because it applies proven, bio-relevant, and measurable tools.


Building personal resilience allows us to tap into internal resources like self-awareness, self-regulation, and creativity; additionally, strengthening personal resilience improves your ability to connect with others, conveys compassion, and allows for greater understanding of others.


Who couldn't use more of that?

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Laura Armstrong improves communication and alignment results and we respect results at Turner Interiors; we partner with her year after year because she helps make our people and teams better. 


Laura cares about every trainee and she makes authentic connections with people.


Our leadership team values the support that Laura Armstrong provides to our business unit and we highly recommend her to help you reach your next level of success.”

Ed Magnani | Turner Construction, New York