Project Well-being

Stress is the greatest barrier preventing us from attaining sustained high performance and well-being.  How can you move into a state of more resilience, flow, and innovation?

Leverage the art + science of 'coherence' to build resilience and create flow.

Project Well-Being

If people are your greatest asset, what are you doing to ensure that they are feeling and performing at their best?  


Project Well-Being helps support and evolve your people into a resilient group that consistently creates success for themselves and your organization. 

Based upon the Institute of HeartMath's 25 years of research into the physiology of optimal performance, this skill-based training produces significant improvements in stress levels, decision making, and well-being.  Project Well-Being pulls back the curtain on how to manage stress, build resilience and create flow by leveraging the art + science of breathwork and 'physiological coherence'. 

Coherence is a measurable state of inner balance in the body, it is a healing state, the foundation of the flow state, and the building block of resilience. 


Coherence is being called the "secret science of brilliant leadership."

Project Well-Being measurably improves:


•     Stress Reduction & Resilience

•     Emotional Awareness & Agility

•     Creativity and Innovation

The path starts here…
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