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Our Resilience and Communication programs raise baselines in alignment, well-being and performance by teaching communication skills, inner-balance techniques, and emotional intelligence competencies.

Coherence: improve communication
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Communication Skills Training

As businesses increasingly rely on cross-company collaboration, they are placing a heavier emphasis on interpersonal communications.  Unfortunately, this is a skill that many employees are lacking.  In fact, according to newly published research, interpersonal communication is the number one skill gap that exists in corporate America. 


Soft skills have now become "core" skills.  


Whether you are collaborating on a critical project or delivering a high-stakes presentation, we will take your interpersonal skills to the next level.  Connection training identifies participants areas of opportunity while enhancing natural strengths.  This self-awareness journey teaches techniques to better present, connect and engage with people and groups of all stripes and sizes.

Connection Training improves:


•     Mindset & self-confidence

•     Delivery & two-way communication skills

•     Empathetic listening & collaboration skills

Coherence: improve resilience
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Resilience Training 

Cultivate a resilient leadership team that generates more flow, peak performance, and innovation.  We pull back the curtain on what it means to be a thriving workplace with happier and healthier employees.


Based upon the Institute of HeartMath's research into the physiology optimal performance, Resilience Training combines research-based strategy, cutting-edge biofeedback technology and practical techniques to produce significant improvements in stress levels, decision making and overall well-being. 


In this skill-based training, you will learn how to build resilience and create flow by leveraging the art + science of 'coherence'.  Coherence is a measurable state of inner balance in the body and is being called the "secret science of brilliant leadership."

Resilience Training measurably improves:


  • Stress Reduction & Resilience by 25%

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Creativity and Innovation

Contact us to explore the benefits of Resilience Training.
Coherence: improve team performance
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Engagement Training (beta)

High-performance teams have strong team dynamics.  The ability of great people to get along and work well together is essential for high-performance teams.  If team dynamics are impacting your team performance, what are you doing to strengthen them? 


We will focus your efforts in areas where you can make an immediate difference.  These actionable insights include the resources you need to light your path forward.  Since you can't manage what you can't measure, our approach also includes team performance scores that make it easy to measure progress over time. 

Engagement Training is designed to improve the five dimensions of high-performing teams:


  • Direction

  • Connection

  • Alignment

  • Performance

  • Attitude

Engagement facilitation leverages a progressive team development dashboard and assessment tool. Learn more: 



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