Measure and improve team wellbeing & performance.

Stress, uncertainty, and poor communication are arguably the three biggest obstacles to thriving organizations.  These obstacles tend to knock individuals and organizations out of synergistic alignment.
We help people and teams unlock wellbeing and potential.  Improving both internal and external communication - both within and with others - reduces stress, increases alignment, and improves performance.
Our training programs guarantee a measurable increase in stress reduction, communication skills, and teamwork.  We love to show how we do this! 

when people thrive so does business

Help your teams become more collaborative and resilient so they can better lead, create, innovate -  and drive positive business results.

Stress Resilience

Reduce stress, build resilience and create flow

Emotional Agility 

Develop emotional awareness and intelligence

Mental Performance

Improve self-awareness, self-regulation & creativity


Improve morale, energy and  communication 


Create a more inclusive & supportive culture


Build a more synergistic workplace that flows

The path starts here…

Mindful Communications                  


Chicago, IL USA

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